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Typical Customer Issues

New Markets
Assume Leadership

I want to open a new area of business. 
How do I create a business plan and prepare for beginning my business?

Structured dialogues with executives and managers, discussion of business concept
Market and SWOT analysis
Evaluation of resources
Financing requirements
Drafting of business plan as a foundation for making and implementing decisions

We have lost focus on a current project.

Evaluation of current staff.
SWOT analysis  of sales, distribution and marketing (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
Market share evaluation based on supply shortage analysis
Product portfolio analysis in comparison with competition
Analysis of optimal sales and distribution channels
Elaboration of customer benefit rationale

I want to establish a subsidiary in another country.
Who can help with establishing the new subsidiary?

Evaluation of international questions and opportunities for advancement
Legal and fiscal framework
Definition and identification of resources
Local business managers , partners and consultants
Location scouting and company foundation
Start-Up supervision

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